The Gym Bag Grooming Essentials

No matter your current level of exercise participation, whether that be akin to aspiring treadmill dabbler or fully-fledged fitness fanatic, an indisputable fact of life is that exercise is best taken, and most likely to occur, during the morning. This generally means before work. 

Why? If you exercise in the morning, rather than making a goal to pack in a gym session after work, you’re less likely to abort your fitness plans for the day. It’s easier to find excuses to ditch a session when you’ve had a long and tiring day than it is at say 6am (assuming you’ve had a decent night’s sleep). Morning exercise offers a rewarding sense of achievement and an endorphin rush before work, while exercising during the PM hours can actually disturb your ability to fall and stay asleep at night. 

Most men have more self-control in the morning and while there are exceptions to the rule, and work schedules may vary, if we accept morning exercise as a general day-to-day life objective, how can one maximise morning efficiency to allow for a pre-work work out? One that coexists happily with adequate sleep, breakfast and overall, not feeling like your morning routine is so hectic it will induce conniptions.

A handy toiletries case containing your daily grooming essentials can be a big time-saver when it comes to the morning rush to gather everything you need for the day ahead. Mini versions of your grooming staple items can simply live in your gym bag, ensuring no item is ever forgotten when getting ready to hit the gym or the pavement bleary-eyed at 6am. Why not just use the gratuitous liquid soap dispensers in the gym showers? You’ve put in the hard work to keep fit and look your best. It makes no sense to then continue your day under-groomed with commercial grade shower gel sapping your skin of any remaining vestiges of hydration.

Scroll on for the best gym bag grooming mini products – lightweight and compact, an assemblage of these items could also be conveniently added to a suitcase for a holiday or a work trip.

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Tooletries The Koby Lite Toiletry Bag

humangear GoToob+ Travel Tube: 3-Pack 53ml

men-u Daily Refresh Shampoo, 100ml

Jack Black All Over Wash for Face Hair Body, 295ml

D. R. Harris Windsor Shaving Soap Stick, 40g

One Thousand & Ninety Two Synthetic Travel Brush: Chrome

Merkur Solingen Travel Razor with Leather Pouch (46C) 

Marvis Toothbrush White: Soft Bristle

Marvis Whitening Mint Toothpaste, 25ml

Baxter of California Pocket Comb

Anthony Hair and Beard Tamer, 56g

Anthony Wake Up Call Hydrating Gel, 90ml

Clinique for Men Super Energizer Anti-Fatigue Depuffing Eye Gel, 15ml

Speick Men Deo Stick, 40ml

Acqua di Parma Colonia Pura EDC Spray, 50ml

Grooming Kits

The Sports Man: Gym-Active Grooming Kit

MenScience Travel Kit

Triumph & Disaster On The Road Travel Kit

Jack Black Grab & Go Traveler Set

The Jet Set Man: Travel Grooming Kit