The Best Products To Help Combat Thinning Hair For Men

Although scientific research is still on the quest to determine what causes thinning hair and hair loss, it is looking fairly conclusive that the production of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) has something to do with it in the way that it stifles hair growth.

But with the help of constantly improving technologies and research in the field of follicle recovery and rejuvenation, you can be confident that the products available on the market perform effectively and according to exactly what they claim to do. And in the quest for knowledge, it helps to understand what’s going on with the hair on your head - or lack of. This article will divulge on the causes of thinning hair, hair loss, and baldness, providing you with the knowledge and the confidence to purchase the products that directly address your concerns.

What causes thinning hair?

There are a lot of wives' tales surrounding hair, so allow us to dispel these myths by diving straight into the science of it all.

The best science tells us that dihydrotestosterone is to blame. Why? Although DHT is an important hormone that gives men their manly characteristics, such as facial hair, and all that. DHT is detrimental for the growth of hair on the head as it affixes itself to the follicle, minimising its overall size, and thus resulting in thinner hair. This causes the hair growth phase to reduce in intensity whilst increasing the duration of the dormancy phase. And as hair growth occurs in a cyclical process, the hair continues to diminish in both volume and thickness as time goes on.

There is also adequate evidence to suggest that hair loss also comes down to genetic and environmental factors too, and not just hormonal ones.

What are thickening or hair loss shampoos and do they actually work?

In light of this, the remedy to this problem is to focus on inhibiting the DHT molecule and its effects on the hair and scalp. Often products will combine hair recovery ingredients that target the DHT hormone with ingredients that more directly thicken the hair for a more immediate effect.

For that which functions to inhibit and block DHT, peptides are the answer. These long chain molecules feature amino acids which perform biological functions that affect the body, where certain peptides function to either block the production of DHT or decrease its overall efficacy. And when these peptides are successful, the hair growth phase is encouraged as it is no longer blocked, therefore resulting in naturally thicker and fuller hair.

Looking beyond the DHT hormone, caffeine derived from coffee, and botanical oil extracts such as peppermint, chilli, basil, and rosemary are popular additions to these products for their stimulating qualities positive for hair growth, resulting in thicker, healthier hair. Of particular note, recent studies have indicated that rosemary is particularly effective and is on par with the chemical Minoxidil, which encourages hair growth and is the active ingredient in the hair rejuvenation product Regaine.

Furthermore, products that thicken the hair often rely on naturally derived proteins (often wheat) to fortify the hair strand, which adds volume and bulk to thinning hair strands by keeping it strong and swelling the hair shaft by hydrating it. Wheat proteins are utilised to great effect in Baxter of California's Fortifying Shampoo, and Jack Black's True Volume Thickening Shampoo.

Our recommended products for dealing with hair loss and thinning hair.

With all of this in mind, those plagued by thinning hair have many effective options at their disposal, as long as the aforementioned ingredients are to be found in the product's composition. The Patricks range of hair products are actively designed for the problem at hand, and is at the cutting edge when it comes to products dedicated to thinning hair and hair loss. For this reason they deserve our attention. With a patented Patricks Recovery Compound (PRC) featuring a scientifically focussed melange of peptides, botanical extracts such as rosemary and caffeine, and UV protectors featured in all of their products, it’s a no brainer. Their light hold M1 styling product delivers an effective dosage of PRC, but also creates a sense of thickness as the paste swells the hair shaft. It is perhaps the only hair product with such invigorating and salubrious qualities that works at the hair throughout the day.

This is made better when used in conjunction with their Daily Thickening Shampoo (SH1) and Stimulating & Thickening Conditioner (CD1), which packs as much of their Recovery Compound as possible into its formulation. By virtue of all of their groundbreaking research and development, Patricks offers a venerable and effective range of products.

For those who desire a no-rinse, leave in product, American Crew's new Fortifying Scalp Treatment utilises Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 to inhibit the production of DHT, whilst vegetable-derived proteins and rosemary give body and fullness to the hair, especially effective when used in synergistic combination with their Fortifying Shampoo.

Finally, when it comes to matters of style, volume is your friend - American Crew's Boost Powder uses a waterproof bulking agent to add immediate thickness to the hair with a dry matte finish. Men with thinning hair should make use of clay-based products, such as Triumph and Disaster's Coltrane Clay or Layrite's Cement if they wish to try something other than Patrick’s M1, as clay products add an excellent sense of volume and texture to thinning hair, and can effortlessly be layered in conjunction with Crew’s Boost Powder.

As seen - there is no shortage of products on the market that focus on hair growth and thickness. But when considering the array of options at hand, it is important to utilise a combination of both DHT blockers and volumising products for a focussed effort when it comes to hair recovery.