How to Choose a Fragrance as a Gift for a Man

Fragrance is an incredibly personal gift. Perfume speaks to us deeply - viscerally, emotionally, and cognitively - all in a spritz and an atomised cloud of aroma. For this reason, to give a fragrance is like offering someone personalised poetry: a figural poetry without words, but symbols sketched in aromatic notes and accords. It is deeply touching: it marks a moment in time indelibly, connects the gifter to the giftee, and acts as an invitation for a particular scent to become a personal signature.

That being said, everyone has different tastes, and some prefer the poetry of Baudelaire over the poetry of O’Hara. In fact, some people don’t like poetry at all. So, how do you ‘gift’ a fragrance? Or, rather, how do you gift a fragrance ‘meaningfully’? We believe that there’s a fragrance out there for everyone, no matter their tastes, and this article will outline some helpful pointers when it comes to choosing a fragrance for someone else.

Make It Theirs: Show Them That You Care

To gift a fragrance is an opportunity for the giver to demonstrate how much they know about the recipient. So, before you settle on a scent - have a think. Think about their style and their tastes. Niche perfumes are often driven by themes and seek inspiration from virtually anything - whether it’s the spice-inflected air of the desert, a scented tribute to Frank Herbert’s Dune (the 'Spice Melange' apparently smells of cinnamon), the apple that fell on Newton's head, or the aroma of Cognac fresh out of the oak cask. So, if your intended recipient has a love for the gothic, or the evocative floral aroma of a florist’s fridge, matching a fragrance to this love is considerate and speaks volumes, and will come as a pleasant (and unexpected) surprise. 


Play It Safe

If you’re familiar with what they wear already, it’s helpful to stick in the same domain. On the Men’s Biz website, you can browse according to fragrance family, occasion, and/or by main note. Features like this - they’re slight, yet significant, and supremely helpful. If they love the smell of incense and patchouli, look through the Woody Orientals; or if they typically wear a fresh and contrasted work, mingling citrus and herbal lavender-like notes together, consider an Aromatic Fougere. If they’re one for working out, going to the evening opera, or have an office job - there’s a filter for that too. Further - if you know what they like and want to make use of this information - make use of our Fragrance Finder Widget, or send us an email, and we’ll match it with a product from our range. 



Explore: Enjoy The Journey Together

If you’re seeking the thrill of exploration - take the opportunity to do this together. Our Bespoke Fragrance Sample Pack features a carefully crafted questionnaire that allows the respondent to express themselves and their interests, to then be reviewed by our in-house fragrance expert. The result: 5 fragrance vials selected according to the customer’s tastes and desires, sent directly to you. Explore these together - talk about them, wear them, live with them, smell them on the skin - use this newfound knowledge to your advantage and make the right choice. 


Branch Out: Make it Topical

All of this talk presents a fundamental question: to change or not to change? There is great joy in having a signature fragrance. There is something quite attractive to the idea of being known for a certain smell, as if locating the smell, your smell, which speaks right to you and your essentialising core, and that in turn becomes an instantly memorable and lingering part of your persona. In response to this, I have always argued that identity is as variable as the Melbourne weather: one is always disposed to invention, and reinvention; creation and recreation. Some days we enjoy the colour blue, and other days we enjoy the colour orange. Embrace the myriad of moods perfumes can capture - a deep and rich Amouage or Montale fragrance is fundamentally different from a lighthearted and jolly Penhaligon's or Parle Moi de Parfum fragrance. To wear a fragrance is to take up its invitation for you to be yourself ... however you may want to be at that very moment.