Christmas Grooming Gifts for Men of All Persuasions

“A gun and a radio. It’s not exactly Christmas, is it?”

“Were you expecting an exploding pen? We don’t really go in for that anymore.” 

An irreverent exchange between ageless assassin and rejuvenated quartermaster in Skyfall neatly summarised James Bond 2.0: out with the endless gadgetry, gimmicky tech and horrific wastage of MI2’s seemingly eternal conveyor belt of IT hardware. Less is more - substance with style, but not at its own expense. A materially thriftless Bond was extinguished in an instant and recalibrated under the zeitgeist of an increasingly curated world. 

Christmas gifting needn’t be an exercise in wastage and ill-matched objects. With a touch of foresight and a quick scan of even your lesser-known thrice-removed cousin’s socials, you can easily find a wide variety of gifts that won’t end up in landfill. 

The key to good gifting is selecting items tailored to a man’s personality and interests, with a dash of versatility and the occasional opportunity for opt-out. From frequent flyers and hipsters to tradies and fitness fanatics, scroll on for a range of Christmas grooming gifts targeted to men of many persuasions.

And while No Time to Die is roughly two years late to silver screens thanks to the ongoing global event that need not be named, there is still time to order something apt for any man to be delivered in time for your holiday festivities.

For the Frequent Flyer 

czech and speake air safe manicure set

His Qantas points have been in stasis for almost two years and at one point, his Velocity rewards were on the precipice of free fall. The frequent flyer is pining to travel once more. When you live out of a suitcase for a significant portion of the year, 30kg of personal items are all that separate one hotel room from the next. Weight restrictions are an important consideration when choosing a luggage-licit Christmas gift but needn’t be an obstacle when it comes to form, functionality and aesthetic finesse. A sleek air safe manicure set or compact chrome shaving brush will delight the platinum flyer to no pointy end. Otherwise, opt for travel grooming minis that are a cut above those included in even the most coveted business class amenity kits. For more travel-geared grooming essentials, check out our Frequent Flyer Gifts Collection.  

For the Man Who Has Everything

Christmas get togethers often feature a microcosm of backgrounds and income brackets seated together at one festive table. It’s that one time of the year when university students and middle-aged corporates might be mingling with black sheep cousins and rarely seen outlandish uncles. And then there’s that guy, the one who has everything. And not just the anything of everything, but the crème de la crème of even the most mundane everyday items. His AMEX knows no limit and his eagle eye for the finer things in life is sharp as a cut-throat blade. 

At first sight, the man who has everything may seem an impossible giftee to please, but this needn’t be so with some well-chosen grooming luxuries. And while his average retail spend may be akin to your mortgage repayments, you don’t need to break the bank to offer up some well-suited Tabacco Toscano Bubble Bath or a bespoke MEN’S BIZ Fragrance Sample Pack. For more grooming luxuries with that certain je ne sais quoi, peruse our Man Who Has Everything Gifts Guide. 

For the Hipster

One Thousand and Ninety Two Brush and Double Edge Razor Set Christmas Grooming Gifts for Men

What to buy a man with a palate for the unconventional and the avant-garde, and a complete disdain for anything mainstream? When it comes to choosing something for this refined tastemaker, lesser-known bespoke brands and extra ordinary grooming staples will keep well off the beaten track, just as he does. A double-edged razor set, or a niche fragrance will play to his love of all things bold and brazen. To find more left-of-centre grooming gifts, browse through our Hipster Gifts Assemblage.   

For the Fitness Fanatic 

Christmas Day may be the first time you’ve sighted him out of activewear. He lives to exercise and clocks up more hours at the gym or on the oval per day than most do per week. What to buy this shredded superman? Sport socks, muscle tees, protein shakers? – It’s likely he already has these items in droves. Opt for some sporty grooming essentials that can live in his gym bag and always be at hand for use after one of his routine training sessions. Many of our grooming sets come with a handy wash bag – perfect for an active lifestyle when he’s on the run in the morning. For more winning grooming gear well-matched to the exercise-enthused, check out our Fitness Fanatic Gifts Range.

For the Tradie

JACK BLACK Industrial Strength Hand Healer Christmas Grooming Gifts for Men Tradie

A decent toolkit of grooming essentials can be as much a lifeline to your everyday tradie as is his weekly visit to Bunnings. All manner of tradies, from brickies and chippies to sparkies and sobriquet-absent plumbers, are generally united by the manner in which they conduct their work: hands-on. Nourishing and exfoliating hand care products won’t go amiss with a hard-labour man. And our extensive range of double edge blade safety razors are sure to appeal to the practical problem solver who never needs to Google how to fix things. For more handy grooming gifts, check out our pick of the best Tradie Gifts.

For the Outdoorsman

Outdoorsman Nature Loving Grooming Kit Christmas Grooming Gifts for Men

He may masquerade as a city slicker during the week, but a quick scroll through his Instagram quickly reveals his weekends are usually spent bushwalking in eucalypt-rich mountain ranges or hiking through secluded pockets of national parks. The ideal gift for a dedicated outdoorsman can be every bit as whimsical as it is utilitarian. Everything from bespoke lip balms and handy sunscreen sticks to wilderness-inspired scents and camping-friendly safety razors are sure to add a dash of decadent practicality to his next trek into the great outdoors. Map out more outdoorsy grooming accoutrements in our Outdoorsman Gifts Guide.

For the Gentleman 

SANTA MARIA NOVELLA Melograno EDC Splash Christmas Grooming Gifts for Men

He’s a dapper dresser and exudes old-school charm. The gentleman may take form in your father or grandfather at a Christmas get-together but could just as easily be a brother or a cousin. He often sports a Windsor knotted silk tie - always accompanied with a nonchalantly placed but impeccably styled pocket square. And he would never commit the sartorial sin of fastening his bottom jacket button. The gentleman is not fazed by fleeting fads or fast fashion and eschews them in favour of products and aesthetics that have stood the test of time. For the man with a perennial palate, heritage-rich brands and classic shaving tools are guaranteed to tickle his fancy. Review our Gentleman Gift Offerings for more delectable gifts suited to a modern-day dandy. 

For the Foodie

GEO. F. TRUMPER Limes Skin Food Christmas Grooming Gifts for Men

The foodie will naturally be in his element on Christmas day, reinventing traditional Christmas fare and titillating guests with his ceviche amuse-bouche and turkey sous-vide. The best way to this man’s heart is indisputably through his stomach, so opt for a gastronomically inspired gift. Reasonably conclude that his kitchen is likely already brimming with Le Creuset and every cooking gadget known to Nigella Lawson. Instead, bring his favourite flavours to the bathroom with culinary-noted grooming luxuries. Almond shaving soap or liquorice toothpaste will take his penchant for fine dining to the next level and win you a Michelin star. For more glorious grooming goods to feed the insatiable among us, browse our Foodie Gifts Menu.