Best Face Washes for Men

Whether your routine simply involves a moisturiser or includes several products, a good face wash is imperative, and something you cannot do without. With the vast variety of face washes out there, it’s normal to be confused about which one is right for your skin. Fret no more because in this article, we’ve selected the best face washes for every skin type.


Best Cleanser For Oily Skin: Jack Black's Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser

Oily skin symptoms: 

  • Enlarged pores (particularly on the nose).
  • Your skin gets shiny and greasy throughout the day, which means your body is overproducing oil.
  • You're prone to regular breakouts.

Why it's great for oily skin:

The Jack Black Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser is hugely popular due to its incredible ingredients list. Let’s break it down into the key ingredients:

The combination of kaolin clay and volcanic ash have absorbent properties that soak up excess oil that causes the shiny appearance on your skin. Meanwhile, the star ingredient - glycolic acid - is a highly-popular alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that melts away excess oil and excavates and de-clogs the pores of any dead surface skin. When you wash off this cleanser, you'll notice a brighter, firmer and smoother complexion: the pores now have room to breathe, and your body's natural oil production is back to being balanced.

This product can also be used as a mask. If you feel like you're in need of a deeper clean, we recommend applying this as a leave-on mask to give the ingredients more time to cleanse the skin. The general rule of thumb for leave-on masks is between 10-15 minutes before washing off, but it's up to you. Just don’t leave it on all night.

If you're looking for a complete kit to tackle the symptoms of oily skin, check out our Oily Skin Kit.


Best Cleanser for Dry Skin: Anthony Algae Facial Cleanser

Dry skin symptoms: 

  • Your skin feels tight and sensitive throughout the day. Inflammation and redness is evident.
  • Visible flaking, particularly around the corners of your nose and on the edges of your mouth.
  • After showering, your skin feels dehydrated, thirsty and sensitive overall.

Why it’s great for dry skin:

Anthony's Algae Facial Cleanser is made specifically with hydration in mind. Dry skin is often the result of excess water loss, which is paramount to keeping skin healthy and supple. 

This particular face wash contains algae, a plant ingredient that attracts water and stimulates water retention. Keeping your skin’s water retention in check is key to eliminating visible flaking throughout the day and that uncomfortable dehydrated feeling after showering. 

Anthony has also included a vast array of naturally nourishing ingredients. Rosehip oil is a notable one due to its properties of vitamin A (anti-ageing), vitamin E (reparative), and vitamin C (brightening). It even delivers omega fatty acid content that works with the skin’s natural oil barrier for improved plumpness. 

In combination with soothing Azulene derived from chamomile, Olive Oil Esters, Glycerin, Lavender, and Aloe Vera, this product packs a hydrating punch. The Anthony Algae Facial Cleanser has a non-foaming lather to it - this is so your skin doesn't dry out when it's applied, which can happen when using face washes that foam. 

If dry skin is your skin type, have a look at our Dry Skin Kit.


Best Cleanser for Normal Skin: Triumph & Disaster Ritual Face Cleanser

Normal skin symptoms: 

  • Skin is balanced overall - oil production and water retention aren’t working overtime. However, due to seasonal changes or new locations, this balance can be disrupted occasionally. No skin is truly perfect after all.
  • A natural matte appearance, but doesn’t look dry or cracked.
  • An even complexion, with some minor blemishes every now and again.

Why it's great for normal skin:

Triumph & Disaster's Ritual Face Cleanser is ideal for all skin types. When working with normal skin, you don’t want to break the natural balance it already has. 

What do we mean by this? Well, if you’re using a face wash designed for very oily skin you might strip too much oil off. But if you use a face wash for dry skin, it might clog pores and create breakouts. For normal skin, using a mix of products with general effectiveness is the way to go. We suggest a versatile cleanser that’s diverse enough to adjust to any location and season, helping your skin holistically rather than catering to a particular area of concern.

This product by Triumph & Disaster is just that. It's been formulated to work without drying or irritating skin while addressing a range of concerns normal skin can have depending on the time. Bentonite Clay draws out impurities and excess oils, while the addition of Tamanu Oil repairs any redness, itchiness and dryness. Meanwhile, natural Salicylic Acid derived from Willow Bark Extract not only exfoliates the surface of your skin but delves deep into the pores to clear out any gunk. 

This face wash is fragrance and paraben-free, making it an excellent choice for sensitive skin too. To top it all off, this product was the Winner of the 2017 Beauty Shortlist Awards for Best Cleanser.

If you're someone with normal skin, we recommend having a look at our Normal Skin Kit.